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Best Cloudflare Competitors & Bringing Traffic to Your Site with cbdMD Coupons

choosing a CDN and improving website traffic

Cloudflare is a great content distribution network service, but it’s certainly not the only one out there. Today I wanted to go over a few different options you can use to improve your page load speeds as well as another strategy to bring in new traffic: offering coupon codes. We have an exclusive cbdMD coupon that should do the trick!

Use coupons from cbdMD to drive traffic

While the legality of CBD products is still up in the air in some states, if you happen to live somewhere that they are legal you might consider running coupons to help bring visitors to your website. The amount of research showing the efficacy of CBD products against health problems like arthritis, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and even menopause symptoms is mounting, and many patients would prefer CBD to other options like opioids. Patients are definitely interested in CBD as it relates to health care, so if you can you might as well offer it as an option.

You might be wondering why offer coupons and not just go after general traffic for CBD products? There are two reasons. The first is that people who are searching for a coupon for CBD coupons in Google are typically at a checkout and ready to make a purchase, you can earn a small commission by joining affiliate programs. It also means that you will be sending ‘happy’ traffic to your website, that is to say traffic that won’t click back to Google provided that they can find a working coupon on your page. This is good for your website overall as it keeps the bounce rate low, which means you will rank higher for a variety of search terms. The second reason is that because the coupon search term is smaller and more specific it will be less competitive and therefore easier to rank for.

The other question you may have is ‘Why cbdMD specifically?’ Well, since the CBD industry is still in it’s infancy and a legal gray area, at least in the United States, there isn’t a lot of regulation around production which means that quality can vary wildly. cbdMD is a well established brand with an excellent track record of producing a quality product, so you can feel very comfortable recommending them to your patients.

how to choose a CDN

Cloudflare Competitors

Cloudflare is a reliable service and has pretty good pricing too, but if for whatever reason it won’t work for your project here are a few alternatives to consider:


Incapsula is a competitor that is great if your main purpose for using a CDN is to protect against DDoS attacks. They have a bot recognition engine that can detect if an attack is underway. Some kinds of bot attacks are very difficult to discern as they look very similar to regular traffic, but Incapsula has got you covered here. Their DDoS protection also extends beyond just your website to your email and FTP as well, which is nice. Now it is more expensive than Cloudflare, but cheaper than other security-focused services like Akamai. If you have been having trouble with bot attacks, it’s a great option. If you’re mostly just looking to improve page speed, I’d probably go with a different CDN provider.


This is a relatively newer CDN service, and as such they don’t have a lot of features yet. However they will likely add more as the company grows and the pricing right now is excellent for larger websites and uncomplicated. You’ll need to talk to their sales team, but they can also set you up with a free demo. If you are a smaller clinic and don’t typically deal with a lot of traffic then you will need to go with a different provider, as Stackpath deals exclusively with larger companies like hospitals and pharmaceuticals. Also this company recently bought MaxCDN, if you had been considering them.

Amazon Web Services & CloudFront

What doesn’t Amazon do these days? Well in addition to selling everything under the sun and competing with Netflix on streaming video, they do have a CDN available called CloudFront as part of their Amazon Web Services (AWS, for short). If you already use Amazon Web Services for cloud storage or web hosting, then this integrates very easily and I would definitely recommend using them for your CDN as well. One drawback is that their user interface is a little basic and doesn’t provide all the features of some other CDN providers.


This is the grand-daddy of all CDN providers, it is a massive company and is suitable for big enterprises like hospitals. Small clinics, you should save your money and go with a smaller company. Because of their massive network, you are going to pay more. About three times as much to be exact. However their CDN speed is unparalleled, and they can easily absorb DDoS attacks. They also have a cap on bandwidth costs, so if an attack suddenly drives your traffic through the roof your monthly bill isn’t going to be taken along for the ride.

Best Web Hosting Companies For Your WordPress Theme.

web hosting coupons - godaddy hostpapa greengeeks

Learning to optimize your blog for search engines will allow you to increase its page rank, and give you the chance to increase your following. While you may already be using relevant keywords in your targeted content, there is still a chance that there are some keywords you’re missing. Find these “extra” keywords, improve your overall ranking, and connect with more readers.

Choose The Best Web Host

There are thousands of hosting companies out there all competing for your website (and dollars!). How a server is configured can make the difference between a fast website and a chronically slow website.

Use Web Hosting Coupons

If you already have a hosting plan and want to save on renewals, you can try a godaddy renewal coupon website. It has the best coupons of all the renewal coupon websites we searched.

Since web hosting is so competitive, you never have to pay full price for web hosting if you shop around for coupons. We found this Hostpapa coupon code website works really well, as does this MediaTemple’s coupon page.

More blog optimization tips:

Research relevant keywords.

To optimize your blog posts, know which keywords you should be using. You’re likely already using relevant keywords related to your niche, but there are other keywords that may have slipped your mind. Use keyword research tools to find out all of the other keywords relevant to your blog’s topic. Many of these tools also make it possible to research the keywords used by your competitors. Use them to make a more informed decision regarding the keywords used on your blog.

Don’t forget to optimize your images.

It’s not just text that helps improve your search engine ranking. Images can also help. Whenever you upload or save a photo to your computer, be sure to put relevant keywords in the file name. That way, when the photo is uploaded to your blog, the keywords are already there. Also, always fill out the alternative text on the image. Add a brief description of the photo, including the most relevant keywords related to the image and your niche.

Link to other blogs.

When networking, one way to broaden your reach is by linking to other blogs related to your niche, and receiving a link back. When linking to another blog post, use relevant keywords in the link, instead of a “click here” option. Not only does it optimize your blog post, but it shows search engines that you’re linking to sites that are also in your niche, which makes your website more credible.

Utilize social media.

On every social media site where your blog’s link is listed counts as a back link. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google + are among the most popular, but there are other sites, such as StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Digg where you can also promote your blog’s content for even more exposure. Finally, submitting guest posts on blogs that are relevant to your niche will also provide you with a link back to your site.

Avoid using blackhat SEO.

Bad SEO practices include hiding keywords in random areas on your blog, stuffing your posts full of keywords so that they are nearly unreadable, and using traffic bots to visit your website to increase your stats. All of these practices can get you penalized by Google, and in some cases, even completely removed by the search engine.

When optimizing your blog, remember that being natural is the key to success. Everything should flow very smoothly, and nothing should be forced, including keywords used for search engine optimization. You want to please both your readers and web crawlers, not just web crawlers alone.